How do I link my Roku TV to my account?

Enter Link Code Activation Help

Roku is a very high-speed Smart TV Device. Roku Player Have some in-built Feature for the Streaming and connecting your TV. You have to connect your Roku TV with internet. There are some common steps to complete the process, Go to URL and create Roku account. Once the account is created you need to put the Roku activation code and complete the setup. You can watch unlimited channels after this process. If you face any trouble completing the Roku Activation Link Code you contact our technician for detailed guidance by calling on Roku activation contact number.

Feel Tiresome at home? Don't worry when you have Roku

If you are looking for something excited in your life, you get some new and interesting things, Roku Streaming device has come into the market with lots of entertaining HD channels. And also there will be one more product which is Roku Streaming Stick which is a plug and play device for powerful, portable HD streaming Device available to you. Now you can enjoy these all with your family and friends at home. You can watch movies, videos, Kids channels, Hidden channels, Private Channels, your favorite shows with homely comfort and on the go.

All-time Best Roku Channels To Watch

Roku Streaming Device providing you thousands of all-time Best Roku Channels to Watch. Roku has two types of channels like paid/free. Here are best: Amazon Video, Crackle, Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go/Now, Hulu, Fandango NOW, DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, CBS All Access Channels etc.

How To Add Roku Private Channels

Roku private channels also called known as hidden channels or non-certified Channels, Which is not displayed by Roku channel store. You must add these channel manually by logging into your Roku account. All the hidden channel have their unique channel access code. When you can enter the code, by clicking on the logo of the channel you will get an option of ‘Add Channel’ you can add the channel by clicking on that. You just need to update the Roku software and you can access the channel on your home screen.

How To Add Channels On Roku

Adding channels on Roku is very easy task to perform you can just go to the Roku channel store where all the channels will be categorized under different categories and you can look for the channels and add the channels on your home screen or you could just simply go to the search option and type in the name of the channel and add it from the list of the channel you will get from the search menu.

Error Codes On Roku

When you are trying to enter link code, sometimes it gives us various error codes if it would have some problem connecting to the Wi-Fi. Some of the common Error codes are 014,009,001,011,006 etc. Some of these issues get resolved by checking the wireless details or you could call Roku activation support number for assistance to get the resolution.

Why choose Activation Support?

Roku devices are easy to setup and reliable. Roku has elementary remote and powerful features like Roku Search which makes it effortless to find what you want to watch. Here with us, you will get technical support and online Help for our customers the most appropriate and satisfactory solutions for all your Roku related Issues and troubleshooting from our Experts which is available 24*7 to support you.


Roku is a portal that caters all your needs for that you just need to connect with your big TV and watch your forever movies in an HD quality. You just need an internet connection to stream the content and you are ready to go. Roku devices provide you with high performance and simple designs which make it easy to understand.

Why choose Activation Support?

  • You need to have a TV, TV remote, Roku and its power cable and an HDMI cord to complete the Roku activation Setup
  • Your internet should also be in a proper working state and make sure you have a high speed internet to stream all the High Definition videos on it

Why choose Activation Support?

  • Put the HDMI cable into the port that you have identified on your TV and then to the Roku device
  • Switch on the device and Roku TV
  • Switch on the device with the help of adaptor that came along with your Roku device and connect it directly to a switch for uninterrupted power
  • Once it connected start screen will appear
  • You just select the language option

Basic Instructions

  • Put batteries into the remote of Roku
  • Your internet should also be in a proper working state and make sure you have a high speed internet to stream all the High Definition videos on it

Download Latest Version of Software

  • Put the HDMI cable into the port that you have identified on your TV and then to the Roku device
  • Roku device will automatically update to the latest software version. This process need some time.

Creating connection with the network

  • After selecting your preferred language, it’ll switch to the ‘Network’ screen
  • Network screen displayed will indicate two options Wireless and Wired
  • You will select the Wireless (Wi-Fi) option. Enter your network password using the keys on the remote and also the virtual keyboard on the screen
  • If you don’t recognize your network password, just call your internet Service provider for the password
  • Click on ‘Connect’ once you enter the password

Download Latest Version of Software

  • First, go to the following URL roku com link code account and sign in to your account or you could Sign Up if you don’t have an account. After that enter your name and password and all other personal information to setup the account or click on the sign in option.
  • Click on Continue to accept the Terms and conditions of Service — you have to do this only for the first time.

Activate your Device

You will get a space to enter the Roku activation link code, you can select the room in which the device is located in order to recognize the device in case of multiple devices under the same account.
You can select the channels from the channel list that you want to add on your home screen, you can also skit it for now and click on next and I agree to complete the code activation.
It would take about 1-2 minutes to update all the channels on you TV screen which you could stream at any time by clicking on the channel.

The old Roku Stick was my most loved gadget of its kind, predominantly in light of the fact that it offered the least expensive approach to get Roku’s administration. I likewise cherished the minor plan, enabling it to be tucked up behind a TV, outside of anyone’s ability to see, or even slipped into a pocket for simple convey ability. Yet, I generally discovered it too ease back to react, particularly with complex applications.

Ron Evgeniy

Up Brisk

The new form – accessible available to be purchased as of April 20 – is significantly speedier, similarly as fast in regular use as the Roku 2 and Roku 3 boxes, and feels as responsive as any advanced spilling gadget. It does not have the earphone jack and voice seek found on the Roku 3’s remote, however you can utilize both of those highlights by means of Roku’s application on your telephone, and they work awesome.

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The newly accessible device available compares with Roku 2. Roku 3 is a powerful device and very fast in speed streaming, Now Roku 3 has been designed to access multiple apps, Unlimited channels and getting new updated constantly. Roku 3 also has the very good feature to provide you high-quality video resolution up to 1080p. Moreover, Roku 3 is using for voice search and smartphone remote controlled. Device is working awesome.

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