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Steps to improve the Wi-Fi connection on Roku device

Roku is an electronic video streaming device used for online broadcasting. Users can watch any kind of videos after completing the Roku setup. They can watch it on their own television by connecting the TV with the Roku device. Users can easily purchase the device and have to setup it. They just have to create a Roku account free. For this Roku technical support is also provided.

Roku is an entertainment device which offers the customers the advantage of streaming and viewing various movies, shows, events, etc. It is a flexible device and also the users of the Roku Streaming device find the player a big advantage in watching movies on internet channels like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, Hulu Plus, and many other similar websites. Roku is an alternate substitute for live TV watching and it is also as easy as it allows the user to watch programs at ease.

The new streaming channel of Roku will represent a collection of Hollywood films without any subscription, fee. Roku made a plan to earn money with an ad-supported model like watching a movie on TNT. For more Roku updates or for any other information you can contact to Roku support number.

If you do not have a good Wi-Fi connection with your Roku player, we offer you the best information so that your Roku streaming devices work smoothly. Some of the troubleshooting steps are described below for getting the advanced information:

  1. Router location:

Sometimes the placement of the router makes a big difference in the performance. The best place to keep the router is in the middle of your home which equally distributes the Wi-Fi signal at the corner of each room as shown in below image.

The users must avoid placing the router in the basement or other electronics. Devices like microwave, cordless phones may create interferences which will lead to fewer WIFI signals.

  1. Roku player must be installed in right place:

Just like the placement of the router is important, on the other hand, placement of Roku player is also important. One must place their Roku player at the right place. Also can change the directions, if it is not getting a good signal, then place it away from the electronic device. Roku 2 is a device which is directly connected to the Router through Ethernet cable.

  1. Updating Router firmware:

Router Firmware must be updated from time to time to enjoy the streaming video performance. You must go to the Manufacturer’s website to know about the updates of Router Firmware. Get the tips from Roku tech support that how to update the Router Firmware. The router must be optimized according to the latest streaming technology.

The current router feature 802.11n technology and are best for video streaming, while previous routers (802.11g/b) tend to have restrictions. It may be time to get a new router. A new router model that runs on the 5.0 GHz frequency is a great option. It has less congestion, as 5.0 GHz is a less used band.

  1. Wireless extender:

Wireless Extender is another option which can improve the Wi-Fi range in your home. Sometimes when you change the place of your Roku player or Wireless Router, the Wi-Fi range is not that good. To increase the Wi-Fi range, buy the HDMI extender for your Roku streaming player.

  1. Internet connection speed:

The connection to the Internet is a key to the network in the ability to get the best streaming experience. Different streaming channels have varying minimum Internet connection speeds. For the best viewing results, a minimum download speed of 3.0 Mbps and up to 9.0 Mbps for HD content.

You can test your network speed at speedtest.net. There are different streaming channels which vary minimum internet connection speeds. Faster the internet connection, the video quality will be better. Best internet connection Speed will provide the better streaming experience. You must choose the channel based on your internet speed. To know how to subscribe the HD or SD channels, contact to Roku tech support.

  1. The Limited number of devices use the same wireless connection:

Don’t use the same internet connection with many devices. Otherwise, you will get the alert options like “loading, please wait” on the screen. When many users are using the same internet connection, shared bandwidth might be slow down. At least 2 to 3 devices can be connected to the same Wi-Fi internet connection.

  1. Change your wireless channel setting to a less congested network

You must stay on the different channel in order to avoid the interference and noises. Channel 1, 6 and 11 don’t have overlapping frequencies. Change your wireless network setting by reading the router user manual. Go to manufacture website to get information about the latest version of firmware updates.

  1. Change the Domain Name Server

Domain Name Server is a database which translates your domain name into server IP address. Some Domain name server services are far better than others DNS based on how much domain is being accessed.

To more about how to speed up of internet or Wi-Fi connection on the Roku player device, just contact on Roku Support toll-free number +1-855-430-3276

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